Men Wig Human Hair

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Men Wig Human Hair

This creates the most realistic look and is undetectable as a hair system from anyone looking at the top of your head. The method of injection on thin skin base allows you to acheive the realism of a thin skin hair system, with greater durability.

✅Natural Real Hair Systems for Men
Perfect solution for Mens Hair Loss.
✅Easy to tape and clean.


It is really resistant and without inconvenience, so you don't have to bother in your daily activities. With Men Wig Human Hair you can :
✅Dry it at any time
✅Take a bath with it
✅Go to bed with it without being disturbed.
✅Do sports with it.


  • Longest Hair Proportion: >=60%
  • Base thickness: 0.02mm-0.04mm
  • Toupee Texture: 28mm
  • Hair style: Free style
  • Toupee Base: PU
  • Size: 8*10